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A Word from our Chairman

The march of technological change is relentless. From the first web boom until now I have seen and been involved with exponential growth of companies capitalizing on the exponential increase in computing power, opportunities and technologies that 20 years ago were only the imagination of engineers.

Just as with “web 1.0” all new technologies bring with them potential for improving, disrupting and unfortunately upsetting the lives of the common user. Web 3.0 is no different. History is littered with examples of world changing technology which has been applied for great harm as well as good, web 2.0 has already shown us that in the wrong hands what appear as simple concepts such as social media can be manipulated to create divisions, inequality and further advance prejudices. Anonymity through absence of moral accountability that is provided by bad actors being difficult to identify only serves to harm the innocent.

Web 3.0 and the blockchain technology that underpins it can offer huge advantages when applied for the benefit of users, companies, and governments, however decentralization without the moral checks and balances that have helped society for millennia comes with huge risks – checks and balances such as democratized control of companies, financial auditing, accounting practices and laws holding stakeholders accountable are imperative.

As with all the above, everything should have context. Technology for technology sake is neither efficient nor safe. The security, safety and benefits for our stakeholders are our priority.

To put our goals in as simple terms as possible, think of an orchestra, without composers providing music, structures and a conductor (or conductors) they are just as likely to create noise as they are music. However when provided with that structure and accountability, the output is for the betterment of man.

S. Jack Heffernan Ph.D.

S. Jack Heffernan, Chairman of KXCO, Founder and Funds Manager of HEFFX, is a world leader specializing in investor relations, financial media and research for securities and startups. Working closely with clients to manage and oversee startups in Mining, Shipping, Technology. He brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise with a Ph.D in Economics and over 25 years of trading experience in Asia and extensive hands on experience in Venture Capital.

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