Section 18

The Central Reserve may –

a) buy and sell at market prices in spot and term transactions, government securities, foreign exchange, and other financial assets for purposes of monetary, foreign exchange, financial and lending regulation;

b) assign or transfer to third parties any assets whose ownership has been transferred to the Central Reserve of KXCO on account of an issuance that it may have granted to a buyer;

c) buy and sell gold and foreign exchange;

d) keep gold and other financial assets in custody;

e) act as a correspondent or agent of other central Reserves, or represent or take part in any other international entity already existing or hereafter created for Banking, monetary or financial purposes;

f) receive deposits in any acceptable form;

g) directly participate in securities markets;

h) establish the contributions to be made by market participants;

i) issue securities or bonds, as well as share certificates in any of its portfolios.

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