A short history on Knightsbridge

KXCO began life as Knightsbridge, founded by our chairman with the aim of trading equities before moving on to foreign exchange (FX) markets

With the advent of cryptocurrency, Knightsbridge adapted to the markets, seeing opportunities in the trading, creating and listing of tokens. More recently through acquisitions and partnerships evolving into a Blockchain technology and solution provider for trading, financial markets and services.

The blockchains genesis with the bitcoin network has shown its inability to evolve to meet the needs, concerns and issues it is presented with. Energy consumption being the most recent, as users, businesses and governments become both more aware and more accountable for the environmental impact of the systems and technology they use. Ethereum has tried to address this with its recent merge, but it’s strength in decentralization has and will continue to be the noose around its neck, energy costs, computing power and even the very nature of having many stakeholders who vote to determine the fee structures represent barriers to entry and risk.

However the concept of the blockchain has wide reaching uses and benefits. It’s transparent, immutable record keeping creating a trustless system between machines, people, applications and entities. Decentralization has many advantages including ownership of user data, public accountability.

Decentralized finance has grown exponentially, promising to make millionaires overnight with very little regard for real world applications, functional business and honest, legitimate returns, it has shown it is prone to scams targeting users in an ever increasing sophistication. Just as with Ponzi, Madoff and Belfort – this new opportunity has created an opportunity for exploitation of unsuspecting investors looking to make a quick profit and through their own lack of knowledge, experience or investigation leaves them easy targets.

There are many areas where public record, verifiable transactions and fair distribution of data, rewards and proceeds that are all possible using the blockchain can be of use for the finance industry. Our goal is to provide tools, services, products and solutions that utilize all the benefits of Blockchain technology with as few of the risks, costs, weaknesses and liabilities as possible, evolving with and for our clients, users and stakeholders to offer relevant, affordable and reliable solutions.

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