Summary of the KXCO [KNIGHTS Token] Sale and purpose

Securities Token – the KXCO Token gives holders a share of ownership

Strict KYC and AML as KXCO is a DAO and requires investors to be thoroughly vetted

Will be listed on own exchange

Planned listing: May 2023

Planned listing price: USD 75-100

Pre-sales price: USD 50

Voluntary F1 Filing in USA in preparation


Functioning as the DAO controller unit – the KNIGHTS token gives access to voting rights, dividends and proceeds from the KXCO Ecosystem – using the KXCO/Knights wallet as part of the chain, users/entities who hold these tokens will be able to:

- Vote on rules, regulations, disputes and management of the chain and ecosystem

- Receive payouts, dividends and disbursements in the form of FBX tokens

- Access the KXCO exchange

- Access exclusive KNIGHTS holders events, locations and services

- First access to KXCO chain launches, issuances and products

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