KXCO platform and ecosystem

Features, Functionality and Infrastructure of the KXCO Ecosystem

KXCO Chain [KXCO Chain] – the underlying engine that powers the ecosystem, allowing for the seamless and trustless transactions for our projects, clients and solutions

KXCO exchange [KXCO Exchange] – for cryptocurrency, equities, digital assets and fiat foreign currency exchange, giving brokers, financial services professionals and high net worth individuals a one stop shop using the KXCO Chain and wallet

KXCO developments [KXCO Dev] – the core team of technology professionals providing the tools, toolkits, and interfaces for all developments on chain. Initially all on chain development will be done by our own team working with client with ongoing support and guidance where needed.

KXCO markets [KXCO Markets] – brokerage, market making, communications, treasury management, auditing and legal support for projects filing and managing correctly

KXCO investment fund [KXCO Fund] – set up to utilize profits, proceeds and investments received for the increased growth and development of the ecosystem and deserving projects.

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