The Reserve Crypto of Non-Politicized Money

Money was originally envisaged as a unit of exchange, a measure of value and a store of wealth, but in the modern world those original goals have been replaced as governments print money to cover their spending. They manipulate interest rates and foreign exchange (FX) rates for domestic and international trade purposes. Consequently, the money that the individual has suffers.

What was once your money is no longer yours, it is an asset whose value is determined by the government of the day, and the use of those funds is directed and controlled by politicians, none of the economic advancement is handed down to the Citizens.

Now that money, that was meant to be yours, is a tool for the Central Bank and the Authorities. There is no democracy when it comes to money either, you as a citizen regardless of how rich or poor you are have absolutely no say in the policy of non-elected bureaucrats at the Central Bank, at the Finance Ministry, they will determine the value of your money at will, they will decide to print more, change rates, adopt a low dollar policy or issue debt without any input from the citizenry.

The idea of the citizens of a nation benefiting from the growth of the economy is not socialism, it is a core value of capitalism, but politicians have hijacked that growth, that wealth now sits with a small number of corporations and institutions as increasing barriers to entry and government regulation forces small business to the curb and crushes individuals.

Government use the money, that was meant to be yours, on supporting their own excess. They spend it on politically motivated foreign aid, wars, and social programs. They waste so much money now it is impossible to fathom where it all ends. Corruption is rampant at a global level.

This system will slowly destroy the value of traditional money, but you will not notice, the reason you will not notice is that it is happening at a global level, it is a problem in all countries. What you will see is the unfair distribution of wealth that this new system is creating, we can see it now, the super-rich have so much it’s staggering.

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