FBX is different

We want to be an alternative, we will create an economic cybernation that will see the citizenry participate in our success, not be diluted by politics.

At FBX there is an initial round of tokens, smart contracts migrate to the KXCO Armature, once that move is complete the initial base number of FBX will be locked in, it can only grow via forks and subsidiary issues, no new issue of FBX will ever be made. This is the foundation of our cybernation.

Our environment Token, Exchange, Technology is our cybernation, our citizens are our token holders.

As the growth of KXCO continues many fronts so does the use, demand and value of FBX.

True wealth storage, true inclusion of citizens and true capitalism.

Money, real Money as the people intended will exist once again, without the waste of big government, without artificial interest rates and without currency wars, without the printing press, just pure simple money.

KXCO is committed to building various interfaces with the Fiat and Crypto world making integration as simple and easy as USD to EUR.

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