Background on Chain creation

History of how we got to where we are in the development of the chain

The KXCO Chain has been developed through a careful testing and consideration of the various blockchain solutions and technologies currently available. The team first evaluated Generation 1-2 & Derivative chains such as Ethereum & Polygon, also carefully looking at the benefits, costs and risks involved in heavily utilized public chains such as Binance Smart Chain. Then reviewing multiple Generation 3 chains such as Solana & Algorand.

The primary concerns that were identified when creating a chain for business and financial services:

1 – Consistency – the chain needs to be reliable as regards to availability and transaction speed, businesses and specifically financial services cannot be at the mercy of non related solutions and fickle market conditions

2 – Cost – the chain needs to be as stable as possible cost wise – reducing currency risk and potential for unforeseen costs for projects, solutions and users

3 – Security & Privacy - The chain must be both secure and private, allowing for businesses that do not wish their data on a public chain

4 – Transactional Flexibility – Just as with Audits and accounting practices any chain for business needs to be able to adapt and adjust transactions where needed -documenting such changes

5 – Any programming languages or development should be done in as widely understood root languages as possible, avoiding excessive specialization.

With this in mind, it was established that:

Ethereum based chains were too slow, too inflexible and too expensive to run for business/

Solana was fast enough but not flexible or stable enough for real business

The KXCO chain was created to answer these problems:

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