KXCO Chain Feature release and rollout

Launch features and roll out plan as described at Q3 2022
Initial launch of the KXCO Chain will coincide with the launch of the core features of the chain including:
Graphic User Interface for Chain – allowing easy, fast and simple set up and operation of tools, command line access will also be available
Validator Software/Nodes – Available for 3rd Party client use under managed agreements
Explorer V1.0 – Chain block explorer similar to Etherscan/Bscscan allowing authorized users to see chain transactions, wallets and more
Launchpad – decentralized launchpad for NFT/token projects within the ecosystem
NFT/Digital Asset Certificate Minting via GUI – including file storage and management
KNIGHTS Wallet 1.0 – External DApp wallet V1.0
Documentation and API’s for the above
The following are scheduled to launch within 18months of initial chain launch:
Explorer V2.0 – including investment grade data and tools available to authorized users
KNIGHTS Wallet 2.0 – including decentralized voting and P2P/W2W payments with QR Code, multi layered wallet for time controlled financial products including CEX/DEX connection