Section 46

The Superintendent shall have the following powers –

a) to ensure compliance with the reporting and accounting regime for financial and foreign exchange institutions;

b) to order the publication of monthly balance sheets of the financial institutions, debtors’ statement and such other information as may be useful for assessing the situation of the system;

c) to order the institutions to discontinue or refrain from implementing lending or financial aid policies that jeopardize their solvency;

d) to impose the sanctions provided for in the Law on Financial Institutions for violations committed by individuals or legal entities, or both, of its provisions, which, without prejudice to the Governor’s power to take over the case in question, may only be challenged in accordance with Section 42 thereof;

e) to exercise such other powers as the laws confer on the Reserve related to the; Superintendence, except for those expressly granted by this law to the Board of the Reserve;

f) to apply such legal provisions on the operation of credit cards, purchase cards, electronic money or similar instruments as may be prescribed by the National Congress and such regulations as may be prescribed by the Central Reserve of the Argentine Republic in the exercise of its powers.

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