Problems statement and breakdown of the solution and approach of KXCO

The problem: Crypto-currency is viewed as immature, unstable and at odds with the broader traditional financial markets and entities, for the Blockchain technology that underpins it to become relevant - the industry, products and tools that power it need to mature.

KXCO is a vertically integrated blockchain solutions provider targeting financial services, product and solutions utilizing the [KXCO Chain]. With a combined Brokerage [KXCO Markets], Chain [KXCO Chain], Fund [KXCO Fund] and Development [KXCO Dev] – creating the first chain built by financial services professionals, for financial service professionals giving a stable, sustainable and affordable ecosystem.

KXCO Prime products such as KXCO Digital Asset and KXCO Digital Asset Disbursement represent a new utilization of the blockchain – the trustless ownership, historical audit and dividend disbursement to holders giving a simple product acceptable and accessible to traditional bond, funds and markets that previously were only targeting web3.0 focused funds.

Targeting such traditional funds, KXCO will be primarily identifying, developing and launching projects on the KXCO Chain that represent sustainable, blue chip investment grade placements with stable returns and growth. This allows for access to larger fund placements whilst targeting slower and more sustainable growth patterns both in the tokens and chain utilization.

The KXCO Exchange targets High Net Worth Individuals, Brokerages and funds - shying away from the grey and somewhat volatile general public retail trading by having a minimum equivalent holdings in their account of $100,000 USD or at least 10 KNIGHTS DAO controlling tokens to be able to continue trading, this greatly reduces the cost of operation through focused roles, responsibilities and as future regulations increase the documentation requirements further reduce the potential for high cost per transaction.

KNIGHTS token represents the control, checks and balances mechanism within the ecosystem – with a limited fixed supply of 5,000,000 KNIGHTS – voting and decision rights are controlled as a Digitally Autonomous Organization in that voting will be participated via the KNIGHTS Wallet Control mechanism. Holders will vote regularly on the tier 2 regulations and rules of KXCO and the selection, development and launch of projects on the chain and for the benefit of the ecosystem.

Holders of KNIGHTS will be rewarded with regular disbursements, distributed via the FBX [KXCO Central Currency] at regular intervals and as per the voting results dictate.

The END GOAL of KXCO is to create a sustainable, long term holding for our stakeholders, projects and users, utilizing the best in blockchain technology to that aim.

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