The Decentralization Paradox

Why the excessive pursuit of decentralization without the consideration for why it may have an adverse impact on the financial service industry

The purists view of Decentralization and use of Blockchain technology centers around a trustless environment where by users of all sizes can engage securely, however as witnessed with chains such as Ethereum and Solana show that a great majority of projects are scams thus the initial concept of the blockchain as decentralizing and democratizing money and finances has infact created more risk. This comes from the unfortunate fact that the few of those who have knowledge and power do not utilize it for the good of the many, as is so often the technology cannot factor in the actions and use cases presented by bad actors and nefarious entities.

Humans as a species have evolved and relied upon some form of leadership be it democratic or otherwise it has through trial and error resulted in some of the greatest improvements to the quality of life on the planet. It has its flaws – as even the most democratic, peaceful and free countries in the world have reports of corruption, malfeasance and issues within voting systems.

This creates the KXCO opportunity

We believe that the best solutions take the learnings of the past and apply the most suitable and useful parts of modern technology, and we are taking this approach with regards to tools, products and applications for the financial services sector.

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