KXCO markets

Breakdown of how KXCO Markets generates income as part of the Ecosystem

Aggregated Bid/Ask from leading Exchanges

Settlement on all transactions

Delivery on all transactions

(On average, you can expect a Bitcoin transaction to take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour to finalize, the exchanges showing an instant settlement are not real settlements, more of an FTX style IOU)

Best pricing possible, with out experience connecting to the trading world unlike the majority of the crypto world we are able to maximize pricing advantages for our clients and users, 1 transaction may span multiple exchanges but all you need to do is click and wait.

Tracking on some Crypto is possible, we are already able to create a unique identifier of the Bitcoin you have or have purchased while it is with us and we’ve adopted the outputs of traditional market practices without adopting the underlying practices that make them function.

We properly replace Exchange, Broker, Transfer Agent and Clearing House.

We have a provenance history on our own issuances, can wrap things like BTC to begin a provenance history.

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