KXCO Issuer Services

We facilitate Blockchain based trading, issuance, shareholder and Bondholder recordkeeping, communications, transfers for Institutions, corporates and individual holders.

​Redu​ce your holder management costs.

The Benefits for Issuers

· All of the world’s financial infrastructure is developing on Blockchain platforms, by beginning the process of moving to your company’s processes to KXCO you are laying the groundwork for the future.

· Immediate and secure transfer of assets from seller to buyer and immediate settlement all achieved with full provenance and real-time data for the issuer and regulator.

· Access to international investors 24/7. As of mid-November 2022, the 24 hour average trading volume of all cryptocurrencies globally came to $67.1 billion. Earlier, in November 2021, the 24 hour average trading volume of all cryptocurrencies globally was $130 billion. At the end of the day this means that investment opportunities will be presented to many more investors than in the present day where most capital raising platforms are limited to their domestic market and where there is no easy interchange between capital raising platforms and investor networks. This will make it significantly easier for good companies to raise capital and perhaps even at better valuations.

· Issuing shares or bonds via Blockchain will put you at the forefront of a new global trend which will lead to technology advantages (higher efficiency, lower transaction costs, wider reach, etc.) it will boost marketing and branding of the capital raise and make possible a “technology premium”, i.e., higher valuation due the association with better and more efficient technology.

· Lower cost of raising capital. An IPO, Secondary Listing or Bond Offering are hugely expensive undertakings, costing easily several hundreds of thousands of dollars, going into the millions. Lower costs of raising capital will make possible much smaller and lower capital raises and making a capital raise increasingly competitive compared to taking out loans.

· Digital Assets. Digital Assets on blockchain will represent ownership rights in a share or bond of a company.

· Lower transaction fees. KXCO has a Zero fee policy that encourages investors.

· Process automation. A larger proportion of the processes surrounding issuance and trading can be automated with KXCO, due to the scope and capabilities of our unique smart contracts. For instance, processes related to investor verification (KYC), money laundering avoidance (AML) and investor accreditation verification are automated, removing costly human elements, increasing efficiency and driving down overall costs. Company votes and distribution of dividends are simplified and automated with heavily reduced costs as a result.

· Much more reliable and secure than existing alternatives. Blockchain itself is a trust engine with its shared, immutable and transparent ledgers. KXCO trading history will be visible for anyone, including authorities.

· Compliance will be automated and built into the smart contracts of the tokenized securities. Trading across jurisdictions becomes possible to a much higher degree, since compliance will be checked and guaranteed by the token smart contract.

· Lower ongoing cost due to automatically maintained cap tables. These can be maintained both by using smart contracts to update them, and by periodically scanning the KXCO blockchain for unreported trades.

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