KXCO Token Price Expectation

Expected price profile of the KXCO KNIGHTS Token

• By May 2023, KXCO is planning to list its Token at a price of USD 75-100.

• KXCO expect trading volume and increasing usage of its Blockchain to drive the value increase of the KXCO tokens

• By 2025, KXCO expects to become on of the top 10 worldwide Blockchain & Exchange companies. This will translate in:

− Solid Company valuation including valuation of its proprietary KXCO Chain

− Strong growing KXCO Token value

− Licensed presence in 11 countries

• Taking the current valuation of popular blockchain companies such as Cardano (USD 20bn), Polygon (USD 13bn) or Blockchain.com (USD 14bn) into consideration, the KXCO token could reach values far greater than USD 2,500 given its limited availability capped at 5m tokens only and its superior product & services offering thus offering significant upside potential.

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