KXCO Launch Products

Key launch features and products on the KXCO Chain

KXCO Digital Asset

Utilizing the well understood and tested technology that functions on other chains as immature collectibles and fan clubs known as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) – KXCO has identified and modified the approach to create an exciting digital asset certificate suitable for financial tools able to replace, integrate and evolve:

- Bonds

- Green Bonds

- Bearer share certificates

KXCO Digital Asset Certificates are built to conform to the structures and best practices accepted and required in regulated markets, specifically Bond issuances. This includes the following information minted into the certificate:

Details of the project, backers and filing details

Date, timeline and expected payout profile

Initial purchase price and structure

Ongoing transactions including payouts, sales, transfers and maturity will be logged on the blockchain.

KXCO Digital Asset Disbursement Contracts

Using the building blocks of the Smart contracts seen in Ethereum, Solana and Binance Smart chain the KXCO Digital Asset Disbursement contracts are specific to the KXCO chain – and the payouts and rules that govern are voted on by the KNIGHTS token holders for the core KXCO Chain or client side chains where necessary, this creates more opportunities for good governance and lower risk for investors, KXCO Digital asset certificate holders and projects.

FBX – KXCO Digital Currency & Reserve

FBX (formerly financeblocks) functions as the central reserve and transaction token for the KXCO ecosystem.

For full details of the structure, operation and deployment of this reserve please see [Charter of the Reserve] Appendix

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