Revenue & Profit Projections

The Revenue and profit assumptions used in this valuation are considered conservative as they do not include the value of the proprietary blockchain with cross-chain communication capabilities, nor any revenues derived from it. It also does not include any Web 3.0 related revenues.

In comparison, Cardano is valued at approx. USD 20bn without any own business, no exchange, no brokerage, no product and the chain is not yet working properly.

Polygon is valued at approx. USD 13bn and at USD 14bn, thus offering significant upside potential for the KXCO token.

Given that the majority of blockchain businesses are still private, public financials are not easy accessible. Furthermore, as we are still in the early stages of blockchain adoption most companies are still pre-profit (if not pre-revenue). As such sales and EBITDA multiples might not be as reliable as in more mature industries. Hence why we put our emphasis on the DCF method

We have opted to put the biggest weight on the DFC Valuation and have calculated a blended valuation taking DCF as well as market based metrics (Sales and EBITDA multiples) into consideration

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